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When people think of accidents, they usually imagine car crashes and injuries outside the home, such as in dangerous workplaces like factories and construction sites. After all, the home is perceived as a place of safety and protection. Yet, every year, emergency units deal with many severe injuries and even fatalities in American households. Car … Read more

Woman receiving a package from delivery person

In recent years, social media has shown more insight into how Americans treat delivery drivers. From thoughtful baskets with snacks and drinks to startling videos of people shouting instructions through a doorbell camera, not every delivery person is treated the same.  We live in a world today where just about anything you can think of … Read more

Deciding where to live can be both an exciting and overwhelming process. You carefully weigh the pros and cons of the area to decide if it’s something that will fit your lifestyle. You consider floor plans, commute times, and community amenities. But unfortunately, not everything can be anticipated. One thing you can’t experience until after … Read more