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Another company said that our foundation was too far gone and needed to be replaced. That’s when we found Regional Foundation Repair. They helped save us thousands! Great service, will recommend!

Andrew Y. | May 30, 2023

We’ve had water in our basement countless times since we moved in. This service sent a contractor who spent a few days installing a waterproofing system and bam - no issues since! Thank you so much!

Eddie W. | May 27, 2023

Finally a foundation company that responds, helps gets the job done, and offers a warranty for the work! Will use again, and recommending to friends and family.

Jessica B. | May 24, 2023

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Another company said that our foundation was too far gone and needed to be replaced. That’s when we found Regional Foundation Repair. They helped save us thousands! Great service, will recommend!

Andrew Y. | May 30, 2023

We’ve had water in our basement countless times since we moved in. This service sent a contractor who spent a few days installing a waterproofing system and bam - no issues since! Thank you so much!

Eddie W. | May 27, 2023

Finally a foundation company that responds, helps gets the job done, and offers a warranty for the work! Will use again, and recommending to friends and family.

Jessica B. | May 24, 2023


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Foundations in all parts of the country are prone to problems, in large part because they rely on the ground beneath them for stability and hold up the immense weight of your entire home. Unfortunately for homeowners in Tacoma, there are several climatic and geological factors that make the city more prone to foundation damage than many other areas.

Regional Foundation Repair is one of the nation’s largest provider of foundation repair service. We have 1,000s of expert technicians ready right now in Tacoma. Our pros have years of experience and are familiar with the nuances of Tacoma soil conditions so you can be sure your foundation gets fixed the right way the first time. Gone are the days of worrying about shoddy craftsmanship, overpriced service, and unqualified pros.

During the job, our technicians are trained to explain their progress throughout the day and clean up properly before leaving the jobsite.

Depending on the availability of our technicians, we can generally get your job scheduled within 2 days. To start the process just submit your information in our form and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours with a pricing quote! In some cases we may need more detail to properly quote your project, so we will reach out via phone to schedule a free onsite inspection. Depending on your location we also offer virtual quotes!

For your benefit, we’re going to discuss these factors and why they’re likely to lead to problems under your home. We’ll also go over some signs you can look out for that indicate you have issues with your foundation and the average cost to repair them.



  • Thank you Regional Foundation Repair! They helped set us up with an experienced foundation contractor for last minute. Got a quick assessment and then after the technician (can't remember his name) explained the entire process to us in a way that felt very simple and straight forward. He was very honest and transparent with the repairs we needed. We found their estimate to be very reasonable compared to the other quotes we received. When the crew came out, they were very professional and explained their progress throughout the job. As expected, they cleaned up everything at the end of the day and the tech caught up with me to make sure the work was completed to my satisfaction. We had a lot of questions and they were very responsive. We've had an excellent experience with RegionalFoundationRepair from start to finish!
    - Erica J.
  • After a horrible experience on Yelp, I found this site and within minutes had quotes in hand. I scheduled my appointment and within 2 weeks the job was done below what I budgeted for. No more wet basement. Love it. Will recommend to friends and family.
    - Suja K.
  • Love these guys. They are professional, punctual, and saved me $1,000's explaining exactly what my foundation problem was and what I needed. Other companies were trying to sell me on the bells and whistles pushing services I didn't really need. These guys were transparent and the pricing for the job came out about $500 less then the other quotes.
    - Dan T.


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  • Foundation Repair

    Date of Request: 06/01/2023

    Location: Tacoma, WA

    Description: Problems with foundation cracking. Would like to have someone come out and take a look immediately if possible. Please contact ASAP

  • Foundation Leveling

    Date of Request: 05/31/2023

    Location: Tacoma, WA

    Description: Hardwood floors are sloping in corners rambler style home. Pier in the middle of home not touching concrete block.

  • Foundation Repair

    Date of Request: 05/31/2023

    Location: Tacoma, WA

    Description: My basement has flooded and there appears to be cracks in the foundation. I contacted another company and they can't get out here to look at it until February. I would like to hire someone ASAP to fix it.

  • Foundation Repair

    Date of Request: 05/28/2023

    Location: Tacoma, WA

    Description: Rain has caused ground settling. Front and back doors difficult to open and close. Supporting post in crawl space has fallen. Cracks in concrete. This is a duplex. The 2318 side has the most problems. Water trapped in crawl space. Moisture barrier incomplete. No insulation under floor.

  • Foundation Repair

    Date of Request: 05/25/2023

    Location: Tacoma, WA

    Description: Foundation inspection/repair in cracks of cement foundation wall where water is flooding dirt crawlspace, waterproofing, probably soil modification, piering support posts

  • Foundation Leveling

    Date of Request: 05/23/2023

    Location: Tacoma, WA

    Description: Water trapped under duplex, supporting post has fallen down causing cracks in walls, doors are difficult to open and close, vapor barrier is incomplete. Need an estimate ASAP

  • Does Foundation Movement Affect Tacoma, Washington?

    Foundation movement and soil movement around your home are the most significant causes of foundation problems. These problems are more prevalent in Washington as a whole, but property owners in Tacoma and the surrounding areas of Bellevue, Auburn, Everett, and Olympia experience an even higher risk than many other places within the state.

  • What Causes Foundation Problems In Tacoma, Washington?

    There are several factors in Tacoma and the western portion of Washington state that lead to regular foundation issues.

    Frequent Rainfall

    Much of Washington is known for its regular rainfall. While Tacoma only gets slightly more precipitation in inches than the countrywide average, the city experiences some kind of rainfall over 150 days of the year. This means that the soil rarely has time to dry before the rain begins to fall again.

    Water from runoff is the leading underlying cause of foundation damage for two reasons. First, any rain that isn’t redirected by your gutters and downspouts makes the soil around your home heavy as it soaks into the ground. The dirt puts additional pressure on your concrete foundation walls and can eventually cause them to bow inward and even crack to relieve the stress.

    Second, when water gets held against concrete by the wet soil, it tends to make its way inside. It can wick through porous foundation walls and seep in through foundation cracks. When it gets into the area under your home, it can damage other building materials, like insulation and floor joists. It can evaporate once inside and increase the air’s moisture content, leading to additional indoor humidity issues.


    Landslides are common in Tacoma, in large part due to the amount of rainfall and how wet the ground stays nearly year-round.

    Landslides create ground movement that can be catastrophic for your home. Since your home’s foundation relies on the surrounding soil for structure and support, a landslide can create structural instability. This can occur immediately or over time as dirt moves toward or away from your home during a landslide.


    Tacoma is situated near several geological fault lines, including the Tacoma fault, the Seattle fault, and the Whidbey Island fault zone. Not all of these faults are active regularly or produce large enough earthquakes to cause severe property damage.

    However, cities like Tacoma, Matvey, Kent, Puyallup, and Spanaway experience a relatively high degree of earthquakes and shaking and are considered to be at moderately high risk for movement.

    Even small earthquakes can put stress on your house foundation and cause damage. Since concrete doesn’t flex readily, it can crack easily in response to movement in the surrounding soil.

    Expansive Soil

    Much of the real estate in western Washington, including Tacoma, is constructed on expansive soil. The ground has a high concentration of clay, which readily absorbs water and grows in volume as it gets wet.

    Expansive soil is detrimental to foundation walls for three reasons. The first is that the expanding soil puts more pressure than normal on your concrete block walls and slab as runoff gets absorbed. The stress can quickly cause your concrete to bow inward until it cannot flex any further. At this point, a rift can form in your concrete to relieve the pressure. The result is often a horizontally oriented foundation crack.

    The second reason expansive soil is problematic for foundation health is that it becomes less voluminous when it dries. As the soil around your home loses moisture, it can shrink away from your foundation and leave sections of it unsupported. Depending on where the loss of support is located, you may see areas of your foundation cracking severely and sinking into the ground.

    Lastly, expansive soil holds moisture and presses it against your concrete. This leaves your basement or crawlspace open to water intrusion more than dirt with less clay would.

    High Humidity

    Lastly, high humidity is detrimental to most areas of your home, but it’s especially problematic under your home, where moisture is naturally an issue. The average relative humidity in Tacoma is between 75 and 80%, which is relatively high. To make matters worse, the expansive soil and the frequent rainfall leave your under-home area regularly exposed to moisture and water intrusion.

    Moist air under your home leaves construction material prone to damage, including rot. It can warp your floor joists and framing over time, destroy insulation, and make the space uncomfortably warm in the summer and cold in the winter.

    The air under your home typically moves up into your living space in a process called the stack effect. Humidity in your basement or crawlspace can cause a similar uncomfortable temperature in your first and second floors.

    Additionally, humidity under your home creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew growth.

  • What Are The Signs of Basement Foundation Damage In Tacoma, Washington?

    There are several different signs throughout your home that can indicate you have a problem with your foundation.

    Cracks in Your Foundation

    Foundation cracks are one of the more obvious signs of damage. There are three common types of cracks that indicate different damage.

    Vertical Wall Cracks or Floor Cracks

    Thin fissures in your concrete wall that run vertically typically don’t indicate the loss of structural integrity in your home. They form in most foundations as a result of settling. A concrete repair contractor should seal them to prevent water from getting into your home.

    Hairline cracks in your crawlspace or basement floor are generally a result of settling as well and don’t indicate structural damage. You should have a foundation repair company seal them with an epoxy or polyurethane caulk to prevent water intrusion, especially given the amount of rainfall in Tacoma.

    Horizontal Wall Cracks

    Cracks in your foundation wall that run horizontally are most often from hydrostatic pressure being placed on the outside of the concrete due to expansive soil and excessive runoff. The foundation wall bows inward slightly until it can’t flex any further. At that point, the wall cracks to relieve the intense pressure.

    Horizontal cracks are a severe problem and almost always point to structural issues. A concrete repair expert can restore stability by installing earth anchors or through a stabilization process called underpinning.

    Stair-Step Cracks

    Lastly, you may notice cracks on your concrete block wall that form in the shape of stair steps. These are most often caused by a portion of your foundation sinking away from the rest of your home.

    The underlying cause is typically differential settling. As the expansive soil in Tacoma dries and shrinks away from your concrete, portions of your foundation can become unsupported and sink into the ground to meet the earth.

    This type of crack usually indicates structural problems. A foundation repair specialist will often use underpinning to provide additional support from underneath.

    Bowing Foundation Walls

    The expansive clay soil, heavy rainfall, and sometimes landslides and earthquakes common in Tacoma can all contribute to added pressure on your concrete walls. As the pressure mounts outside your home, the concrete wall can bow inward, usually before giving way and resulting in a horizontal crack.

    Depending on the severity of the movement, bowing foundation walls can be stabilized with earth anchors or a support wall inside your basement or crawlspace. If the movement is too severe, a concrete specialist may resort to using underpinning.

    Moist or Wet Basement

    Tacoma’s risk of water problems is high due to expansive soil, frequent rainfall, and naturally high humidity. If water makes its way through cracks in your foundation, it can pool on your concrete slab or appear as water stains after it evaporates. You may notice efflorescence on your concrete walls, which is a white, powdery substance made up of minerals and salts left behind from evaporating water.

    Water vapor can also wick right through the porous concrete used to construct your foundation. You might notice heavy or humid air when you go down into the area under your home.

    water vapor getting through foundation walls

    Whether you have frequent problems with liquid water or water vapor getting through your foundation walls, you may notice mold growth under your home. Mold grows most readily in dark, moist areas. As such, moisture problems can often be indicated by mold or mildew on your basement or crawlspace walls.

    Poor Indoor Air Quality

    As we mentioned earlier, a process called the stack effect can lead to your under-home air seeping up into your living space. Since moisture and high humidity is common in Tacoma basements and crawlspaces, many homeowners with foundation problems notice uncomfortably warm temperatures in the summer or cold temperatures in the winter in their homes.

    You might also notice unexplained allergic reactions, including itchy eyes, congestion, or respiratory distress. These symptoms could be caused by mold spores coming into your house from your basement or crawlspace.

  • How to Find Signs of Foundation Damage In Tacoma, Washington?

    Foundation problems tend to worsen over time, given how much stress they are under from the soil and the weight of your home. Identifying foundation issues quickly is one of the best ways to avoid expensive repairs. The below tips will help you locate problems under your home before they cause massive damage.

    Monitor Your Foundation

    One of the best ways to limit damage to your foundation is to monitor the area and have any changes or issues inspected and repaired by a concrete specialist.

    If you have a basement or crawlspace, inspect the interior walls and floor for cracks, bowing, efflorescence, water build-up, moist air, and mold growth. Check the floor for hairline cracks and have them sealed. If you notice sinking portions of your foundation or horizontal or stair-step cracks, call a foundation contractor immediately.

    Whether you have a basement, crawlspace, or slab foundation, check the outside portion of your concrete that is visible above the ground. Look for new cracks forming, old cracks widening, and soil separating from your concrete.

    Checking your foundation once every three or four months can help identify problems before they become severe. However, you should also check it for signs of damage after any common incident in Tacoma, including heavy rainfall, earthquakes, or nearby landslides.

    Check Your Living Space

    Along with your quarterly foundation inspection, you should check the interior of your home as well. Your house relies on the foundation for stability, so problems below your first floor are often evident in your living space.

    If your foundation is severely damaged in any way, you may notice cracks in your drywall as it fails to stretch with movement in your shifting framing. Cracks typically form in the corners of rooms or around door or window frames. You might also find that multiple doors or windows stick or become challenging to close if their frames shift with foundation movement.

    damaged foundation

    Buckling or wavy floors can indicate moisture issues below your home, and they could also indicate structural instability if your floor joists shift or buckle as your foundation moves.

    Inspect Your Property

    Lastly, check your property regularly for signs of soil or drainage issues. Consult the help of a foundation expert if you find outdoor problems, as these can often predict foundation damage. They include soggy or puddling areas of your yard, especially if they are in close proximity to your concrete, leaning retaining walls, or soil cracking or pulling away from your foundation wall.

  • Cost of Basement Foundation Repair In Tacoma, Washington?

    Most homeowners in Tacoma pay an average of $5,000 for foundation repair. However, the total price will vary quite a bit depending on the type and extent of the damage you’re experiencing. We’ll break down average costs for Tacoma foundation repair services by type below.

    Cost to Seal Vertical Wall or Floor Cracks

    Sealing a single vertical crack in your foundation wall or hairline crack in your slab will cost between $250 and $750, depending on the length, width, and location. Additional sealing will increase the cost.

    Cost to Fix Horizontal Wall Cracks

    Horizontal wall cracks typically need stabilization in the form of steel or carbon fiber strips or earth anchors. Strips cost an average of $600 each, and a long crack may require five to ten strips, bringing your cost up to or beyond $6,000. Earth anchors usually cost around $1,000 each, and a large crack might require five or more anchors.

    Cost to Fix Sinking Foundations and Stair-Step Cracks

    Minor foundation sinking can usually be fixed with a process called mud jacking. It costs around $1,000 on average.

    Stair-step cracks result from sinking sections of the foundation and are repaired using underpinning. Each piling placed below your foundation for support ranges from $1,000 up to $3,000, depending on your soil type and the depth they need to reach for good support. Small sinking sections may need two or three pilings, while large areas can require five or more.

    piling for a foundation

    Cost to Fix Water Intrusion

    Frequent water or moisture issues are best fixed with basement waterproofing. The process involves measures taken inside and outside your home and the total cost averages around $5,500.