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What Should You Expect to Pay for A New Foundation in San Antonio?

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Are you looking to build your dream home in San Antonio and are wondering how much a new foundation will cost you? Well, you have come to the right place!

In this Regional Foundation Repair guide, we will cover the most common questions concerning what you should expect to pay for a new foundation in San Antonio, including:

  • How much do different foundation types cost in San Antonio?
  • What factors influence the cost of a new foundation in San Antonio?
  • What factors should you consider when choosing a new foundation contractor?
  • How can you save money on new foundations in San Antonio?

And more!

The foundation is one of the most crucial parts of any building, determining its stability, safety, and structural integrity.

Given the hustle and hefty cost of repair and replacement, a foundation is not something you should gamble on. If you are in San Antonio, Texas or other areas prone to foundation problems, you should take extra measures to ensure the job is done right.

What Is the Cost of Various Foundation Types in San Antonio?

So, how much will a new foundation cost you in San Antonio? Below are the estimated prices you should expect to pay for various foundation types.

Of course, the actual price will be determined by several factors. If you want a specific estimate for your project, reach out to our experts who specialize in foundation repair in San Antonio and we will help you determine what’s going on with your home’s foundation.

The national average for a typical house foundation ranges from $4 to $24 per square foot. For the standard 1,200 sq ft home, the national average spent by property owners is between $4,087 and $11,840 for a new foundation.

For San Antonio, the average cost of a new foundation is slightly on the higher end, averaging around $10,415.

The most important cost factor for a new foundation is the type you decide to go with. Below are the various foundation types and how much you should expect to pay for them:

Cost of a Concrete Slab Foundation

Concrete slab foundations are usually the easiest and cheapest to install. This is because the process takes up little material, labor, and time, and does not require a lot of site preparation or excavation.

After removing the top organic soil, shallow trenches of about 2 inches are dug around the site. The concrete is then poured directly on the ground and into the trenches, forming a slab surrounded by a wall for extra stability.

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Another advantage of concrete foundation slabs besides their low cost is that they do not create room for rodents, insects, molds, and mildew to infest your home. The lack of a crawl space also lowers the costs of insulation and air conditioning.

The downside of slab foundations is that plumbing and electric fixtures are preinstalled in the concrete. As a result, malfunctions are not only difficult to detect, but are also more expensive and messy to repair. You will have to remove parts of the concrete to access the damaged region. The lack of a crawl space or basement also denies you extra space you could have used for storage.

There are two main types of concrete slab foundations:

  • Monolithic
  • Stem Wall

Monolithic Concrete Slab Foundation

A monolithic concrete slab foundation (slab-on-grade) is constructed in a single pour, with the slab and footings made together. It does not require a lot of work, and as a result, the labor costs are relatively low.

Monolithic concrete slab foundations cost between $4,500 and $20,000 depending on the square footage of the structure, environmental conditions, and other specific foundation needs. On average, you will spend about $9,000.

It is, however, crucial to note that monolithic concrete slab foundations will not work unless the ground is level throughout your property and the soil is well compacted.

They are also not recommended for flood plains or areas with a naturally high water table since they do not go deep enough to offer the needed support. Due to this reason, some areas in San Antonio will require more intensive foundation types.

Stem Wall Concrete Slab Foundation

A stem wall concrete slab foundation is similar to a monolithic slab except for a few alterations. Unlike monolithic slabs where everything is made in a single pour, this type of foundation is made systematically. First, the footings and foundation walls are erected, after which the area is backfilled and tamped before the slab is poured.

Stem walls are more expensive than monolithic slabs since they require more excavation and manual work. They also require more material, jerking up the final costs.

A stem wall concrete slab foundation typically costs between $7,000 and $21,000, with an average of $13,000.

Cost of a Pier and Beam Foundation

A pier and beam foundation consists of steel or concrete piers distributed around the construction area, with grade beams running horizontally on top of them to create the floor. The beams can either be made from wood or steel.

This type of foundation is associated with older construction methods common in the ‘60s where constructors elevated the house above the ground to create a crawl space underneath. Because of newer innovative methods, pier foundations are not as common, making it hard to find someone who can do it well.

Lucky for you, our experts at Regional Foundation Repair are competent and highly experienced in different types of foundations, including pier and beam foundations.

The benefit of this type of foundation is that rather than confining the load to the perimeter, it spreads it out evenly for more stability. They are suitable for areas prone to flooding since they elevate the structure above the ground, preventing water-related problems.

However, pier and beam foundations are not recommended for areas where the soil shifts often or earthquake-prone areas.

The cost for pier and beam foundation installation ranges from $7,500 up to about $21,000, and the average spent by most homeowners is $11,000. Depending on the size of the house, the number of piers required, and soil conditions, this price may vary significantly.

Crawl Space Foundation Cost

Building a crawl space foundation involves excavating between 18 inches and 4 feet of the earth under your home. Columns are then installed around and inside the foundation perimeter, on which the floor support is constructed using joists and beams. A wall around the foundation perimeter offers extra support and encloses the area, forming the crawl space.

A major advantage of crawl space foundations is the additional space that you can use to store equipment and other items. They also provide an ideal space for installing electricity and plumbing fixtures which you can easily access for maintenance and repairs.

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However, crawl spaces are prone to moisture problems and infestations by mold, mildew, and other pests if the necessary protective measures are not applied. At Region Foundation Repair, we will fit your crawl space with ventilation, insulation, and sealing systems to prevent any moisture problems that could cause foundation damages.

The cost of a new crawl space foundation typically ranges from $8,000 to $21,000, with an average of around $14,000. If you are planning to include a vapor barrier (as you should), set aside an extra $1,200 to $4,000, depending on your foundation size.

Cost of a Full Basement Foundation

Full basements are constructed similar to crawl space foundations, only larger. Excavation for an average full basement foundation should be not less than 8 feet deep. The massive amount of excavating, backfilling, and labor cost makes this type of foundation outright the most expensive.

A typical basement foundation has a block foundation constructed around the perimeter, and large columns run through the middle of the basement to support the weight of the house above.

The overall cost will also be influenced by whether you decide to do finishing work.

For basements, there are compliance codes that require all basements to have exit windows. You can also add a walk-out basement entrance, but you should remember that all of these carry extra costs.

The installation of a basement foundation costs an average of $40,000. The price ranges from $25,000 to $80,000 and can even go higher depending on the size of the project. Finishing will cost an additional $7,000 – $20,000 depending on the square footage and the type of finish.

What Factors Determine the Cost of a New Foundation in San Antonio?

You may be wondering why the price of a new foundation has such huge variations, with some as low as $4,500 and others going above $80,000. Several factors influence these ranges, and knowing them will go a long way in helping keep your costs low. They include:


Just like everything else in life, planning is the first step when building a foundation. Planning informs all other steps that will follow. A new foundation requires the pulling of building permits to ensure that the structure conforms to the local building codes. The cost usually ranges between $500 to $2,500 depending on the location. In San Antonio, you will require $670 for building permits.

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During the planning stage, you will also need to undertake a soil test to determine whether the soil on which your foundation will be built can hold and support the load to avert any future foundation issues. The soil test will reveal the type of soil, compaction, and frost line depth, which helps determine the appropriate type and method of foundation.

Typically, soil testing costs about $1,200 for most foundations. Some additional costs may arise if you need more extensive reports such as flood and seismic reports.

Excavation Level Depending on Type of Foundation

Every type of foundation needs some excavation, even if it is just grading an existing site for a concrete slab. For slab foundations, the cost of excavating is lower compared to the pier and full basement foundations.

The price will also vary depending on the depth excavated and the soil conditions. For instance, in areas where blasting might be needed, the price will be higher compared to areas where the soil is easily removed. Other factors such as backfilling, if necessary, will also increase the cost.

In San Antonio, the cost of excavation ranges between $1,625 – $5,500.


Before any construction works proceed, the foundation must be inspected by a structural engineer, who then grants a green light for the construction to go on. The engineer ensures that the foundation is structurally sound and will not develop foundation problems when the building is erected.

Home warranty codes dictate that new homes should remain free of defects for at least ten years. Typical inspection fees range from $500 to $1,700.

Materials and Labor

The cost of materials used in a foundation is greatly influenced by the type of foundation installed. This also goes for the labor costs. For concrete slab foundations, the labor costs and the cost of materials are relatively low compared to other foundation types.

Full basement foundations are the most expensive in terms of materials and labor as they will require more excavation, compacting, and probably backfilling. The concrete and concrete blocks installed to support the structure will also raise the prices.

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Basement foundations will need rebar reinforcement and molding, which will consequently increase the price. Also, if you decide to insulate the foundation or do some finishing work, you will end up paying more for materials and labor.


Regardless of type, moisture build-up around your foundation will cause serious damage to the foundation and other parts of your home’s structure. Therefore, proper drainage is a key consideration when installing a foundation.

Simple drainage systems such as installing sump pumps or grading are relatively cheap and cost between $1,000 and $5,000. More elaborate drainage systems such as French drains are slightly more expensive and range between $6,000 and $15,000.


When installing a new foundation, one of the most important considerations would be to waterproof it. Our experts recommend adding a vapor barrier on all foundation types to prevent moisture from building up. Vapor barriers cost between $3,000 to $5,000 and can go higher or lower depending on the foundation type and size.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing a New Foundation Contractor?

Since your home is probably your biggest investment, it is important that you hire the right foundation contractor for the job. However, the market is crowded with an array of options which could make the process confusing.

Here are some things you should look for when choosing a contractor for your new foundation.


When working on your home, you need a contractor who not only listens to you but involves you in the process and addresses your concerns promptly. This will not only ensure you get the best services, but will also help you understand where the costs are coming from.

Punctual Delivery

During construction, strictly following the schedule of works ensures that there are no losses made. Time is money, and construction delays could end up costing you a lot, especially for commercial projects. However, be careful not to prioritize speed and end up compromising on quality.

Reputation and Testimonials

Anyone who has been in the construction trade will tell you that a contractor’s reputation and track record are very important. You have to make sure that you are working with experienced and renowned contractors. Before settling on a given company, go through their testimonials and references to see what their previous clients have to say about them.

Access to Right Equipment

Without the right equipment, some contractors will opt for shortcuts or other methods that could end up yielding low-quality results. Lack of proper equipment will also slow down the construction process, where some contractors will end up charging you for the extra hours and labor costs. Using state-of-the-art equipment ensures your foundation is of the best standard and incorporates the latest building technologies.

Customer Service

Since you are paying for the service, you should not settle for anything less than stellar customer service. All your concerns should be addressed most politely and efficiently to make the process the least hectic for you. Great customer service also involves making the process as easy and transparent for you as possible. You should not have to follow people around to stay updated on the progress of your project.

How Can You Save Money on New Foundations in San Antonio?

For anyone undertaking a construction project, the ultimate goal is to minimize the project costs as much as possible while getting the best deal. So how can you save costs on your new foundation in San Antonio?

Choose the Right Contractor

As discussed above, your choice of contractor will play a huge role in determining the costs and the quality of the construction. Therefore, hiring a reliable and efficient contractor is the most critical part of your project. Ensure they meet all the standards discussed above before committing to them.

At Regional Foundation Repairs, our experts are highly experienced and will provide quality services that will last a lifetime. Our experience of San Antonio’s geology enables us to consider all factors and measures to ensure the best final product. We are also transparent, ensuring you are always in the loop on the status of your project.

Our prices are also very reasonable, ensuring you get the highest quality services at the lowest possible costs. We also offer flexible payment plans and financing options to make the whole process easier for your pocket.

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