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Another company said that our foundation was too far gone and needed to be replaced. That’s when we found Regional Foundation Repair. They helped save us thousands! Great service, will recommend!

Andrew Y. | May 30, 2023

We’ve had water in our basement countless times since we moved in. This service sent a contractor who spent a few days installing a waterproofing system and bam - no issues since! Thank you so much!

Eddie W. | May 27, 2023

Finally a foundation company that responds, helps gets the job done, and offers a warranty for the work! Will use again, and recommending to friends and family.

Jessica B. | May 24, 2023

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Another company said that our foundation was too far gone and needed to be replaced. That’s when we found Regional Foundation Repair. They helped save us thousands! Great service, will recommend!

Andrew Y. | May 30, 2023

We’ve had water in our basement countless times since we moved in. This service sent a contractor who spent a few days installing a waterproofing system and bam - no issues since! Thank you so much!

Eddie W. | May 27, 2023

Finally a foundation company that responds, helps gets the job done, and offers a warranty for the work! Will use again, and recommending to friends and family.

Jessica B. | May 24, 2023


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If you’re noticing cracks in your sheetrock, uneven or sloping floors, windows and doors becoming challenging to close, or nails pushing through your drywall, it likely means your foundation is suffering from some type of damage. Foundation problems tend to worsen if left unrepaired, so you should quickly seek out professional help. That’s where we come in!

First, fill out our convenient contact form with your best contact information and a brief description of the issue you’re seeing in your home. Our 24/7 on-call project manager will instantly see your request and reach out to the most qualified team member we have to address your specific problem.

Our technician, who specializes in the issue you’re experiencing, will schedule an inspection if needed, or provide a detailed quote for service if enough information is provided in the form.

At Regional Foundation Repair, we believe that communication and timeliness are of utmost importance, so you can rest assured that your request will be handled by our team members quickly and professionally. We typically provide quotes or schedule inspections within a day or two to minimize the damage done by an unrepaired foundation.

Our foundation specialist will complete the job with 5-star service, as all of our technicians have years of experience and knowledge behind their work. We also stand behind every project we complete with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be confident in choosing Regional Foundation Repair for all your foundation needs.



  • Thank you Regional Foundation Repair! They helped set us up with an experienced foundation contractor for last minute. Got a quick assessment and then after the technician (can't remember his name) explained the entire process to us in a way that felt very simple and straight forward. He was very honest and transparent with the repairs we needed. We found their estimate to be very reasonable compared to the other quotes we received. When the crew came out, they were very professional and explained their progress throughout the job. As expected, they cleaned up everything at the end of the day and the tech caught up with me to make sure the work was completed to my satisfaction. We had a lot of questions and they were very responsive. We've had an excellent experience with RegionalFoundationRepair from start to finish!
    - Erica J.
  • After a horrible experience on Yelp, I found this site and within minutes had quotes in hand. I scheduled my appointment and within 2 weeks the job was done below what I budgeted for. No more wet basement. Love it. Will recommend to friends and family.
    - Suja K.
  • Love these guys. They are professional, punctual, and saved me $1,000's explaining exactly what my foundation problem was and what I needed. Other companies were trying to sell me on the bells and whistles pushing services I didn't really need. These guys were transparent and the pricing for the job came out about $500 less then the other quotes.
    - Dan T.


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  • Foundation Repair

    Date of Request: 06/01/2023

    Location: Des Moines, IA

    Description: Basement wall repaired

  • Foundation Repair

    Date of Request: 05/31/2023

    Location: Des Moines, IA

    Description: We bought a house in DSM that has significant issues - likely needs excavation. Would like a better bid with a company that can start soon.

  • Foundation Repair

    Date of Request: 05/31/2023

    Location: Des Moines, IA

    Description: Quote for the garage foundation

  • Foundation Repair

    Date of Request: 05/28/2023

    Location: Des Moines, IA

    Description: Crawl space gets water in it with heavy rain. Also our back basement wall is in stage 2 wall failure. We received a bid for services from another company and would like to see what other company's suggestions for fixing would be

  • Foundation Repair

    Date of Request: 05/25/2023

    Location: Des Moines, IA

    Description: Sagging joist affecting second floor

  • Foundation Repair

    Date of Request: 05/23/2023

    Location: Des Moines, IA

    Description: Garage has a crack that has separated In concrete about a foot in from edge the length of garage

  • Does Foundation Movement Affect Des Moines?

    Des Moines is the capital of Iowa and is located in Polk County, the state’s most populous county. Des Moines’ Historic East Village district was founded in 1843, with structures that date back to the late 19th century. While most of the older structures have been remodeled for commercial use, old foundations can still be in use and have likely experienced some movement over the years.

    The Des Moines River and Raccoon River intersect the city, bringing some flooding to homes nearby and foundation movement. Des Moines experiences more snow and rain than the rest of the US on average, making foundation movement due to moisture possible. The winters can also be chilly, with over 130 nights of freezing temperatures on average, leaving foundations open to frost heave.

  • What Causes Foundation Problems in Des Moines?

    We receive countless calls each year to assess and repair foundation problems in Des Moines. The cold winters and frequent precipitation in Iowa can batter foundations, leading to movement and foundation damage. Here are some of the most common causes of foundation damage in Des Moines.

    Flooding and Basement Moisture

    Moisture can be damaging to foundations. Iowa’s large amounts of precipitation lead to many homes experiencing moisture-related foundation damage in Des Moines, with the floodplain areas being most at risk.

    Moisture can directly impact foundations when floods and saturated soils exploit the porous nature of the concrete or cinder blocks that make up the foundation and basement walls. Water can cause cracks in the foundation and enlarge existing cracks.

    Moisture can also saturate the soils surrounding the foundation. Oversaturated soils can increase hydrostatic pressure on the foundation. Hydrostatic pressure is the force of water and soil continuously exerted on the structure. It can cause walls to bow and foundations to crack under pressure. Hydrostatic pressure can be described as a force similar to the buoyancy that keeps a beach ball floating in a pool or the pressure felt by pers as they try to pe to the depths of a deep body of water.

    Frost Heave

    Frost heave can be a foundation problem in Des Moines when the temperature drops. During the cold winter months, the soil beneath the foundation can freeze. Freezing soil expands and may force the concrete foundation slab to move vertically. In the spring, the soil thaws, leaving empty pockets in the ground that can cause the foundation to shift and crack.

    While most homes are protected from frost heave by way of the home’s heating system preventing soil freeze through heat loss, homes that are unoccupied for a length of time or are inadequately insulated are susceptible to frost heave. During the winter and spring seasons, frost heave can cause major foundation damage in Des Moines.

    Differential Settlement

    Foundations are built upon soil or bedrock called a settlement. This critical part of the foundation’s structure is not impervious to movement, and when the soil that makes up the settlement shifts it can create a differential settlement.

    A differential settlement is when the soil below a portion of the foundation shifts and is no longer level with the rest of the settlement. While a small difference is typically unnoticeable, heavy movement can result in cracks, unlevel foundations, and a variety of other structural issues. Differential settlement is one of the most damaging foundation problems in Des Moines.


    Iowa experiences roughly 30 tornadoes per year, with most occurring during the warmer seasons. While tornadoes typically will not harm foundations solidly bolted to the structure, they can move homes off their foundations and are particularly dangerous to mobile homes.

    It is vital to have your home bolted to the foundation in Iowa, where tornadoes are a common threat.

  • What Are the Signs of Basement Foundation Damage in Des Moines?

    It is critical to know when your foundation is damaged and seek consultation with our repair specialists, but it isn’t always easy to interpret the signs. We can help you determine the signs of foundation damage in Des Moines.

    Cracking Foundation

    Foundation and basement wall cracks are a common sign of foundation damage, but they aren’t always a reason to worry. Cracks are common in areas where the temperature drops below freezing, such as Des Moines. Old homes also tend to have many cracks as proof of their age rather than foundation damage.

    While small cracks, less than 1/8 of an inch in width are typically cosmetic, it is important to identify large and growing cracks as possible signs of foundation damage.

    The foundation and basement are not the only locations where you may see cracks. Kitchen and bathroom tiles, masonry, chimneys, plaster walls, and concrete stairs, typically crack due to foundation movements. Any large or growing cracks should be evaluated by our foundation specialists in Des Moines.

    Cracks are typically related to moisture around the foundation. Saturated soils enter the pores of the concrete foundation and can exploit and expand cracks. Saturated soils can also cause the bowing of basement walls.

    Un-level or Misaligned Structure

    A home that is un-level or visually tilting in one direction is likely a sign of foundation damage in Des Moines. Differential settlement is a major cause of an un-level or tilted foundation. Frost heave and moisture-related damage can also be a contributor, vertically shifting the soils beneath the home.

    Along with un-level foundations, misalignment is also a common sign of foundation problems. Plumbing fixtures, windows, and doors that are no longer flush with the walls can mean the foundation is experiencing movement. Windows and doors may not close properly or become difficult to open if the foundation shifts.

    Sticking doors or windows may not always be a result of foundation damage. Sticking doors and windows are common when the humidity is high, and loose door hinges commonly cause doors to not shut properly. It is essential to consider the humidity and check the door hinge for play before calling our foundation repair experts in Des Moines.

    Basement Moisture

    Puddles, pools, or floods in the basement are common signs of foundation problems in Des Moines. Saturated soils can enter pores and cracks in the concrete foundation or cinder block basement walls. It can cause excess moisture in the basement and further damage the foundation by exploiting cracks.

    Moisture in the basement can also be caused by leaky pipes. Plumbing lines beneath the foundation can leak from foundation movements and result in pooling or dampness. When moisture enters the basement it can cause mildew scents and mold growth. Pests like centipedes, millipedes, and cockroaches are also drawn to damp basements. Our Des Moines foundation repair experts commonly respond to basement and foundation moisture.

  • Do You Need to Hire a Structural Engineer to Fix Your Foundation in Des Moines?

    It is important to take foundation damage seriously and consult with our structural engineers for any foundation problems in Des Moines. Our structural engineers will evaluate the damage and provide a complete solution to make your foundation safe.

    When you first discover the signs of foundation damage, note the date when you discover the damage and any changes you see until the structural engineer arrives. Note moisture, cracks, and unevenness of the foundation and structure.

    If you notice cracks that are less than 1/8 inch in width, it is best to note them and monitor changes before consulting with our structural engineers. Any major damage, such as bowing basement walls, large cracks, or visible tilting should be inspected by our engineer as soon as possible. Major foundation damage can be costly to repair, and ignoring these signs can result in the home becoming unsafe for occupancy.

    Our structural engineers will provide a solution to your foundation woes, helping you sleep better and ensuring your home’s safety.

  • Cost of Basement Foundation Repair in Des Moines?

    Investing in foundation repair in Des Moines can prevent paying more for foundation repair down the road. A damaged foundation can quickly become a disaster, resulting in costly repairs and even condemnation of the structure.

    Foundation repairs in Des Moines cost homeowners between approximately $3,000 and $5,200 in most cases, but your cost could be anywhere between $300 and $20,000. The estimates include the cost of materials, assessments, and clean-up. The cost of a foundation repair can range depending on the type of foundation and severity of the damage.

    Cosmetic damage like small cracks can be repaired at a low price, while major repairs can be a significant investment. We always try to deliver affordably priced foundation repair in Des Moines.

  • Does the Soil in Des Moines Affect Your Foundation?

    Much of the soil in Des Moines is loamy Wisconsin glacial till with Loess ridges and glacial till toward the south. The soils were deposited by glaciers approximately 12,000 years ago and were mostly prairie land before Iowa was settled.

    The loamy Wisconsin glacial till in the northern portion of Polk County is made up of Clarion-Nicollet-Webster association soils. Clarion soils have a low runoff potential and drain moderately well with a majority of the saturation occurring between 1.8 and 1.2 meters after heavy precipitation. They can contribute to moisture-related foundation damage at these depths of greater saturation.

    Nicollet series soils have a low runoff potential but are somewhat poorly drained. They are mostly saturated at a depth of approximately 1.5 feet. The poor draining soil can cause foundation problems when the soil becomes saturated, increasing the pressure on foundation walls. Webster series soils have similar drainage and saturation properties with a clay-like texture.

    The Loess ridges and glacial till in the south are Sharpsburg-Shelby-Adair association soils. Sharpsburg soils drain moderately well and are most saturated between 1.2 and 1.8 meters after heavy precipitation. The soil can cause foundation damage when well saturated as the pressure on the foundation increases.

    Shelby soils are well-drained and do not typically reach their maximum saturation within 1.8 meters. Shelby soils are ideal for foundations in Des Moines and keep moisture-related damage to a minimum. Adair series soils are not so great for foundation health, with somewhat poor drainage and a saturation zone between 30 centimeters and a meter.