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How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost in Dallas?

Sam Smith Foundation Repair Consultant

Foundation Repair Cost

If you are looking to make repairs to your foundation, you’re probably wondering how much it would cost in Dallas, Texas.

You have come to the right place!

In this Regional Foundation Repair guide, we’ll answer the following questions:

  • How Much Do the Various Foundation Repair Methods Cost in Dallas?
  • What Determines the Cost of Foundation Repair in Dallas?
  • How Can You Save Money on Foundation Repair in Dallas?

And much more!

For homeowners, foundation-related problems are one of the worst to have. Foundation issues need to be handled as soon as you notice the first signs.

This will help you avoid structural and permanent damage to the building. Not only do such issues reduce the comfort and safety of your home but they are also usually costly to repair.

So, how much will it cost you to repair your foundation in Dallas before it gets out of hand?

The truth is, there is no conclusive answer to this question because the cost usually varies depending on several factors.

If you want to know how much your repair project will cost, tell us more about it in the form and our specialist will send you a free, no-obligation price quote.

Otherwise, keep reading the guide to learn more about cost estimates for foundation repair works in Dallas, Texas.

How Much Do the Various Foundation Repair Methods Cost in Dallas?

Several variables determine the cost of foundation repairs, and it can be as low as $500 or as high as $14,000.

It is only after an on-site inspection that foundation repair contractors can determine the type and extent of foundation repairs that your home may need.

The cost usually varies depending on the foundation repair method used, among other factors.

Below are some common repair methods and estimates of how much they will cost you.

Foundation Sealing

If you notice water pooling around the foundation, downspouts that are clogged or broken, water seeping in through the foundation from the soil, or if the drain tile is clogged, then it is probably time to seal or waterproof your foundation.

Sealing is usually a solution to moisture and drainage related problems in a foundation.

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Once our foundation repair professionals conduct an assessment of the area and establish the extent of the problem, we can get straight to the work of waterproofing your foundation. If needed, we can also change out your gutters and fix any underlying drainage issues.

However, it is crucial to note that not all homes with moisture issues require waterproofing. Sealing or waterproofing will cost you between $2,000 and $7,500.

Piering or Underpinning

This foundation repair method usually involves excavation, raising the foundation and installing hydraulic piers underneath.

The process involves the installation of piers under the home, which lift and support the concrete foundation even if the house continues to settle and the soil shifts. It is often a permanent fix to foundation problems.

Image Template - 2021-11-18T123832.050

The process uses steel piers or concrete piers that are driven into the ground until they reach a stable, load-bearing soil level that is less prone to changes.

As a result, the home’s foundation will be supported from deeper underneath, shielding it from the impact of movements in the upper soil levels.

The process should be done by accredited professionals such as Regional Foundation Repair. Our competent foundation repair contractors dig around the foundation and afterwards install hydraulic piers under it at various points. This elevates the foundation to the right level and stabilizes it.

The cost of piering or underpinning your foundation ranges from $1,000 to $3000 per pier. The total amount will therefore be determined by the number of foundation piers installed. An average-sized home has between 8 to 10 piers.

Foundation Jacking (Slabjacking)

Also known as mudjacking or house leveling, this repair method is usually pocket-friendly and non-invasive.

The process involves pumping a polyurethane (grout) mixture through ports (holes drilled in the foundation) into the space beneath the concrete foundation. This combination floats the foundation back into the correct position.

The process usually needs to be done by a team of professionals, and we would be delighted to handle your slabjacking needs.

However, it is vital to note that this method is often not a permanent fix, especially if the house or soil continues to settle. Also, this method does not work on all homes, and our competent team will inform you of the best solution for your foundation repair needs.

House leveling typically costs between $500 and $1,800 on average, and this varies depending on the square footage of the structure.

Foundation Stabilizing

This foundation repair method calls for professionals to use either steel mesh or carbon fiber mesh to stabilize an unstable foundation. In cases where there is minimal bowing in the walls, carbon fiber is an excellent choice. Steel is usually used in circumstances where there are serious shifts.

Our professionals will assess the extent of the damage and the soil conditions, which will then inform the best material and repair approach for your home. Steel is usually more expensive, but it is more reliable in the long run.

Industrial strength epoxy is used to apply the mesh to the wall, and the cost is often influenced by the magnitude of the damage. In some cases, wedge braces and jack posts are also used to restore the wall’s vertical alignment.

The average cost for foundation stabilizing is between $4,000 and $12,000 and it is influenced by how severe the damage to your foundation is. Added costs may arise if there is a need for removing and reinstalling wall finish materials. Installing wall straps and sheer panels once the wall is plumb can also raise the cost significantly.

What Determines the Cost of Foundation Repair in Dallas?

As mentioned earlier, it is often difficult to establish the exact amount of money that will go into repairing a foundation.

It is only after an on-site inspection that foundation repair contractors can give a comprehensive estimate of the cost. The price usually varies due to myriad factors which we are going to discuss below.

Type and Severity of Damage

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If you notice any tell-tale signs of foundation problems, you should address them as soon as possible before the problem worsens.

A lot of times, serious foundation repair issues can be evaded if promptly tackled. However, many people usually ignore the signs and only take action once the problem gets serious.

Common foundation issues such as foundation settlement and foundation cracks can be dealt with at minimal costs before they worsen. Severe foundation damage on the other hand cost significantly more to repair.

Size of the Structure.

The square footage of your home will have a substantial impact on the cost of repairing your foundation.

This is simply because the larger the home, the more equipment, labor and materials needed for repairs. Therefore, a home that covers a larger area per sq ft is naturally more expensive to repair compared to smaller ones.

Moreover, larger buildings are structurally more complex, and if there is a need to elevate the structure, then larger homes weigh more.

For instance, in a case where hydraulic piers are supposed to be installed, larger houses will require more piers to support the foundation.

Types of Foundation

The cost and the type of repair needed are usually informed by the type of foundation in question. Different foundations require different repair methods, and this may lead to a variation in price. The amount of work needed also influences the overall price.

Repairing concrete slab foundations is significantly cheaper compared to repairing basement foundations.

Homes with pier and beam or crawlspace foundations are also easier to access and repair, making them relatively cheaper.

Once foundation repair specialists assess the type of foundation and the amount of work needed, they can draw up detailed cost estimates.

Soil Stability

Image Template - 2021-11-18T124129.432

A lot of times, soil contraction and expansion is usually the cause of foundation settling.

Before the construction of any new structure, it is usually recommended that a soil report is conducted.

Many homeowners often skip this important step during the construction process and later on they fall victim to foundation-related problems.

If you do not have a soil report, it is recommended that you get one, so professionals can determine the soil type that they are working with. Depending on how detailed they are, soil reports cost between $500 and $3,000.

The type of soil influences the type of foundation repair methods used by foundation repair contractors.

At Regional Foundation Repair, we understand the unique North Texas soil conditions. We also recognize that different soil types require different repair methods to ensure that repairs done are permanent and the problems will not arise in future.

Root Cause of the Foundation Issues.

Different foundation problems are caused by different things, and therefore the foundation repair method will also vary.

It is recommended that whenever you notice foundation damage that needs repair, you should immediately have a structural engineer conduct a foundation inspection and prepare a report.

The structural engineer’s report will indicate the root of the foundation problem following the assessment made.

This report usually costs between $300 and $1,500 depending on how extensive it is. With the root cause of the problem known, it is easier for our team of experts to make quality repairs.

Materials, Labor and Permits

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The type of foundation, cause of the foundation problems and extent of damage typically determine the materials used during repair.

Labor on the other hand is often charged by the hour, and the national average is $200 per hour. In Dallas, permits are required for foundation repair works and they normally cost between $30 and $150.

We offer competitive pricing at Regional Foundation Repair for all our services. We source the best materials at a pocket-friendly price to ensure that you are well within your budget.

We also have flexible payment options, which allows you the peace of mind that repair works can commence as you get your finances in order.

Repair Method Used

The price varies significantly depending on the repair method chosen to remedy foundation damage. Some repair methods can cost as low as $500 while others can go as high as $18,000. You can trust Regional Foundation Repair experts to determine the best-suited repair method for your building and also deliver outstanding quality work.

How Can You Save Money on Foundation Repair in Dallas?

Foundation repairs are often not as expensive as we expect them to be. However, if not handled correctly and by qualified professionals, they can be very costly. Also, if foundation repairs are left for an extended duration the damage may get worse and increase the cost.

The following are some techniques to save money when repairing your foundation in the Dallas metroplex.

Take Swift and Immediate Action

As soon as you notice any of the signs of foundation problems, it is advisable to contact foundation repair experts such as Regional Foundation Repair and have the problem resolved as soon as possible. With foundation-related issues, the longer you wait, the more severe the damage to the structure and the repair costs grow.

Conduct Regular Preventative Maintenance

It is advisable that as a property owner, you conduct regular foundation checks and maintenance to avoid any costly repairs resulting from foundation failure. Ensure that the drainage system, gutters and downspouts are working properly to avoid moisture build-up in your foundation. You do not need to have foundation problems for you to pay attention to your foundation. Sometimes, through regular checks and maintenance, you can notice something and avert major repairs early.

Every couple of months, check your foundation and mark any cracks that you notice. You should monitor them for a while to see if they worsen, and if they show significant signs of damage then you should contact Regional Foundation Repair and let us have a look at it.

Waterproof the Foundation

It would be wise to seal any new foundations you’re building. Even though waterproofing might raise the overall cost of installing the new foundation, it will help solve any moisture-related issues and evade any costly repairs in the future.

Ask About Payment Plans

If you are on a tight budget but you need to have your foundation repaired, then you should contact us. At Regional Foundation Repair, we offer flexible payment plans which allow you to get quality services while you sort out your finances.

We understand that sometimes our clients cannot raise a lump sum immediately, so we ensure that you are not stretched beyond your capability. Contact us today for all your foundation repair needs.

How Do You Tell When Your Foundation is in Need of Repair in Dallas?

When it comes to signs of foundation damage, some may be obvious while others may be elusive to the common eye. It is prudent that you look out for any of the following signs, and contact accredited professionals such as Regional Foundation Repair if you notice any.

Cracks on Walls and Surfaces

Cracks on walls are often normal and sometimes even expected because of the house settling, usually in the first or second year of construction. However, some larger cracks with zig-zag patterns may be an indication that something is wrong with your foundation.

Image Template - 2021-11-18T124224.960

Sometimes, the plaster and concrete dry unevenly and small cracks develop in the process. These are usually no cause for alarm and crack repair can be done with filling and painting over them.

If you notice relatively larger cracks, you should contact Regional Foundation Repair, and we will have a structural engineer assess the structure and prepare a report showing whether your foundation has any underlying issues.

Bowing of Basement Walls

The bowing of basement walls is not always a result of foundation problems, but it could be an indication of something concerning the condition of your foundation.

Bowing walls are usually a result of the expansion and contraction of the soil around your home. Because they are exposed to similar conditions, whatever is happening to your basement wall could be happening to your foundation as well. Therefore, it must be addressed as soon as possible.

Excessive moisture in the soil surrounding your home is often likely the cause, making your basement walls experience more hydrostatic pressure from the soil outside than they can bear. If left unattended, these problems only worsen with time and it is advisable to have them sorted out as soon as possible.

Uneven or Slanting Floors

Many homeowners do not find uneven floors as an issue, and they often learn to live with it. Slanting floors are a lot of times a causal effect from foundation-related problems. A homeowner should be worried if the floor gradient is more than one or two inches every 15 feet.

Foundation settling is often the reason for slanting floors, usually due to expansion and contraction of the soil which leads to sinking. The good news is our world-class team of foundation repair contractors can solve these problems easily using professional repair techniques.

Sticking Doors and Windows

Contraction and expansion may occur on door and window frames because of seasonal changes, causing them to stick when opened or shut. In older homes, the sticking is often attributed to the wear and tear of the components.

This does not mean that you should dismiss doors and windows that stick as normal occurrences. Sometimes, this could be an indication that the foundation of your house has settled on one side, causing it to slant. Because of the slanting, the shape of your doors and windows change, making them stick.

A clear indication that the shape of the frames is continuously shifting is when even after shaving down your doors and windows, they still stick. This can be attributed to your foundation sinking deeper over time and should be addressed by professionals.

When Should You Call a Foundation Repair Expert?

It might be difficult to differentiate when the issue is small and can be handled with DIY, and when it is time to call in the experts. The following are some of the signs that it is time to contact a foundation repair company.

Nothing Has Changed

There are times when you notice some small cracks in your house and maybe some sticky doors and windows so you decide to handle them on your own. You trim the doors and windows and even seal and repaint the cracks but then as time passes you notice the same problems again. In this case, it is probably time to let the experts handle it.

When repairs are done and it does not get better, then it is a clear indication that there are other underlying issues with the foundation that need to be resolved. Most foundation repairs are usually permanent if done correctly by qualified foundation repair contractors. Contact Regional Foundation Repair and let us offer excellent foundation repair services.

Pools of Water and Visible Leaks

Moisture and drainage related problems account for almost all foundation issues. It is vital that if you notice any plumbing leaks or pools of water, you contact the experts and let us assess the problem and quickly tackle it before it gets out of hand.

At Regional Foundation Repair, we stand by our repairs and offer a lifetime warranty for all repair works done. You can rest assured that we will handle your foundation repairs with utmost professionalism.

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