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Another company said that our foundation was too far gone and needed to be replaced. That’s when we found Regional Foundation Repair. They helped save us thousands! Great service, will recommend!

Andrew Y. | May 30, 2023

We’ve had water in our basement countless times since we moved in. This service sent a contractor who spent a few days installing a waterproofing system and bam - no issues since! Thank you so much!

Eddie W. | May 27, 2023

Finally a foundation company that responds, helps gets the job done, and offers a warranty for the work! Will use again, and recommending to friends and family.

Jessica B. | May 24, 2023

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Another company said that our foundation was too far gone and needed to be replaced. That’s when we found Regional Foundation Repair. They helped save us thousands! Great service, will recommend!

Andrew Y. | May 30, 2023

We’ve had water in our basement countless times since we moved in. This service sent a contractor who spent a few days installing a waterproofing system and bam - no issues since! Thank you so much!

Eddie W. | May 27, 2023

Finally a foundation company that responds, helps gets the job done, and offers a warranty for the work! Will use again, and recommending to friends and family.

Jessica B. | May 24, 2023


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If you’re noticing cracks in your sheetrock, uneven or sloping floors, windows and doors becoming challenging to close, or nails pushing through your drywall, it likely means your foundation is suffering from some type of damage. Foundation problems tend to worsen if left unrepaired, so you should quickly seek out professional help. That’s where we come in!

First, fill out our convenient contact form with your best contact information and a brief description of the issue you’re seeing in your home. Our 24/7 on-call project manager will instantly see your request and reach out to the most qualified team member we have to address your specific problem.

Our technician, who specializes in the issue you’re experiencing, will schedule an inspection if needed, or provide a detailed quote for service if enough information is provided in the form.

At Regional Foundation Repair, we believe that communication and timeliness are of utmost importance, so you can rest assured that your request will be handled by our team members quickly and professionally. We typically provide quotes or schedule inspections within a day or two to minimize the damage done by an unrepaired foundation.

Our foundation specialist will complete the job with 5-star service, as all of our technicians have years of experience and knowledge behind their work. We also stand behind every project we complete with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be confident in choosing Regional Foundation Repair for all your foundation needs.



  • Thank you Regional Foundation Repair! They helped set us up with an experienced foundation contractor for last minute. Got a quick assessment and then after the technician (can't remember his name) explained the entire process to us in a way that felt very simple and straight forward. He was very honest and transparent with the repairs we needed. We found their estimate to be very reasonable compared to the other quotes we received. When the crew came out, they were very professional and explained their progress throughout the job. As expected, they cleaned up everything at the end of the day and the tech caught up with me to make sure the work was completed to my satisfaction. We had a lot of questions and they were very responsive. We've had an excellent experience with RegionalFoundationRepair from start to finish!
    - Erica J.
  • After a horrible experience on Yelp, I found this site and within minutes had quotes in hand. I scheduled my appointment and within 2 weeks the job was done below what I budgeted for. No more wet basement. Love it. Will recommend to friends and family.
    - Suja K.
  • Love these guys. They are professional, punctual, and saved me $1,000's explaining exactly what my foundation problem was and what I needed. Other companies were trying to sell me on the bells and whistles pushing services I didn't really need. These guys were transparent and the pricing for the job came out about $500 less then the other quotes.
    - Dan T.


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  • Foundation Jacking

    Date of Request: 06/01/2023

    Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Description: I am an architect and I am thinking of purchasing a home in a flood zone. The house is a simple rectangle floor plan /- 20' x 60' How much would it cost roughly to raise it 1'-2'?

  • Foundation Inspection

    Date of Request: 05/31/2023

    Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Description: I need a engineer foundation certificate for my son's manufactured home.

  • Foundation Leveling

    Date of Request: 05/31/2023

    Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Description: Small foundation cracks on the exterior of my home. looking for pricing and time frame.

  • Foundation Inspection

    Date of Request: 05/28/2023

    Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Description: floor slanting downward, cracks in garage walls,

  • Foundation Leveling

    Date of Request: 05/25/2023

    Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Description: To see if i need service due to cracks.

  • Foundation Leveling

    Date of Request: 05/23/2023

    Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Description: Foundation lifted on corners of my property

  • Does Foundation Movement Affect Fort Lauderdale?

    It’s not unusual for Fort Lauderdale and homeowners across the state of Florida to notice cracks in the foundation of their home from weather, erosion, and rainfall over time. The coastal city may be beloved for beach views, boating canals, and being an amazing place to vacation and an even better place to live, but it still has its obstacles to face when it comes to foundation movement.

    Land in Fort Lauderdale is made up of loose, sandy soil, and shallow water tables that make it a prime location for foundation damage. Due to being such a wet area with shallow surface soils, it’s easy and common for tropical storms, hurricanes, and flooding to cause shifting in the soil. This can quickly lead to foundation movement and leave you vulnerable to foundation issues and hazards.

    So, if you’re questioning whether you may or may not have a foundation problem, let’s find out what you should be watching out for when it comes to potential issues.

  • What Causes Foundation Problems In Fort Lauderdale?

    Excessive amounts of moisture in the soil aren’t the only cause of foundation issues here in Fort Lauderdale. They play a big role, but being embraced by the Atlantic Ocean there are a lot of key factors that come into play. While tropical storms and hurricanes are a common and yearly experience in the beautiful city, there are more common and less stressful reasons you may begin to notice cracks on the interior or exterior of your property.

    These causes can create moisture-bearing issues as well as damage the foundation of your property in many ways.


    With limestone bedrock beneath the city, acidic rainwater has been known to corrode the layers of limestone, which can cause a drastic shift when the slightest amount of pressure is applied. This pressure can sometimes cause a shift in the soil and limestone beneath your foundation which can cause an unexpected sinkhole. Not only is this dangerous and scary, but it can be a devastating experience and destroy part or all of your home.

    Failing Seawalls and Erosion

    Storms coming in on the coast often cause erosion in Fort Lauderdale by washing away seawalls and sand that act as a preventative measure for your foundation. For beachfront properties, a steady seawall can prevent water damage from the natural tide.

    For properties that aren’t directly on the coast, as sand and soil surrounding your coastal property is washed away, water can begin to seep and linger around your business or home. Over time, this can cause cracks, crumbling, assist in the growth of mold and bacteria, and allow your foundation to slowly deteriorate.

    Other common causes of foundation issues include:

    • Faulty foundation construction
    • Improper drainage
    • Poorly installed or old plumbing that causes leaks
    • Low-density or poor soil

    If at any time you notice cracks forming in the interior or exterior of your home, sagging floors, or uneven and sloping fencing, you may have a foundation problem on your hands.

  • What Are The Signs of Foundation Damage In Fort Lauderdale?

    A common myth is that new homes are spared of issues with the foundation, but that’s simply not true. This misconception often leads homeowners away from addressing or noticing the signs of foundation damage. Whenever you purchase a home in Fort Lauderdale, even if you’re planning to use it for a rental property, and regardless of how new or old it is, you should routinely monitor it for damages to the foundation.

    If you’re uncertain about what to look for when it comes to potential foundation damages, we’ve got you covered. Cracks often go undetected for extended periods of time and may leave you panicking when you do notice them. Fortunately, there’s a pretty short list of noticeable things you can watch out for on the chance you run into a foundation issue.

    • Sloped or uneven floors
    • Gaps in walls, ceilings and floors
    • Sticking doors or windows
    • Sagging floors
    • Bowing or shearing walls
    • Standing water inside or outside

    It never hurts to get our professional opinion on your foundation if you’re feeling uncertain. In fact, it’s better to have our specialists come out and look from time to time to verify that there aren’t any potential issues you should be concerned about. This can save you time, money, and heartache should an unexpected issue arise in the future.

  • Do You Need To Hire A Structural Engineer To Fix Your Foundation In Fort Lauderdale?

    We get it, sometimes asking for help seems like a lot when the problem appears to be minimal and something that you feel like you could fix. If you’re certain, and you have the right tools to fix a minor issue, then we understand wanting to try and handle it yourself. However, hiring our structural engineers can ensure things are done safely, timely, and correctly the first time around.

    The point is that our structural engineers aren’t your standard day-to-day engineers. We’re specifically trained to identify foundation issues and damages, recognize a compromised roof, spot masonry issues, pick out pest damage, and more. When it comes to evaluating the needs for foundation issues, we examine the infrastructure’s interior and exterior walls, joists, crawlspace, landscape, and a ton of other factors that impact the foundation of your property.

    We understand that finding out there’s any form of issue or damage to your basement foundation can be stressful and scary, which is why we want to help you tackle the problem before it becomes a major problem.

  • Cost of Basement Foundation Repair In Fort Lauderdale?

    Every job is different, and depending on the exact repairs needed at your property each quote will vary.

    Simple repairs in the city could cost under or around $500 while large-scale basement foundation repairs could cost you more than just a little pocket change. Major foundation repairs in Fort Lauderdale can easily cost over $20,000 depending on the size of your foundation and what exactly you need done. Luckily, most repairs in the city typically fall somewhere in the middle of small and large-scale jobs, averaging homeowners under $5,000 for repairs.

  • Does The Soil In Fort Lauderdale Affect Your Foundation?

    Fort Lauderdale has 34.7 square miles, which means the soil properties can drastically vary from one side of the city to the next. Some areas are prone to more moisture than others and some are more shallow and susceptible to foundation issues. Regardless of what area in Florida you’re in, coastal cities are prone to foundation issues and have a knack for having sandy soil that’s not necessarily consistent in

    In a publicly released soil survey from 1984, the soil throughout Fort Lauderdale was surveyed and analyzed to determine the types of soil in the area, their consistency and conditions, and how each location could best be used whether it be in agriculture, building a structure, or otherwise.

    Through this survey and present-day changes, it’s easy to correlate how soil in the area directly impacts the foundation of structures. Due to the inconsistency in weather, the inconsistency in loose soil, and frequently high moisture ratings, it’s common to see noticeable foundation damages to property. However, if the proper care and maintenance are put in place, you can prevent the overall risk of foundation issues from arising.

    With routine checks, soil tests when purchasing a home, and calling in our professionals when you’re not sure if you should be concerned – you can save yourself a lot of time and worry when it comes to foundation risks.