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In need of crawl space encapsulation services? Our experts are here to help.



At Regional Foundation Repair, we recognize the importance of a clean and protected crawlspace. That's why we offer a complimentary inspection conducted by our knowledgeable experts. We'll thoroughly assess your crawlspace to identify any moisture issues, mold growth, or structural concerns, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the conditions at hand, all at no cost to you.


Once we have completed the inspection, we will develop a personalized plan to address the specific needs of your crawlspace encapsulation. Our team takes into account factors such as moisture sources, ventilation, insulation, and any existing damage or vulnerabilities. We'll explain our proposed solutions in detail, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the work we will perform and why it is necessary.


At Regional Foundation Repair, we are committed to delivering exceptional crawlspace encapsulation services from start to finish. Our experienced professionals employ industry-leading techniques and high-quality materials to encapsulate and seal your crawlspace effectively. From moisture barriers and vapor barriers to insulation and proper ventilation, we have the expertise to create a clean, dry, and energy-efficient environment in your crawlspace.


We prioritize exceptional customer care and strive to ensure your satisfaction throughout the crawlspace encapsulation process. Our team understands the importance of a healthy living environment and the impact of crawlspace conditions on the overall well-being of your home. We aim for open communication, fast service, and trust between our team and the homeowners we serve. Rest assured, we are dedicated to providing you with a crawlspace encapsulation solution that enhances the overall comfort, energy efficiency, and structural integrity of your home.

Who We Are

At Regional Foundation Repair, we founded our company with a clear mission in mind: to provide comprehensive and reliable crawlspace encapsulation solutions. We understand the importance of a clean and protected crawlspace for the overall health and integrity of your home.

Driven by our own experiences, we assembled a team of dedicated experts who possess deep knowledge and a genuine passion for delivering exceptional service. Today, we proudly assist homeowners across the country in obtaining a dry and healthy crawlspace. Our goal is to protect your property from moisture issues, mold growth, and structural concerns, ensuring a safe and comfortable living environment.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Another company said that our foundation was too far gone and needed to be replaced. That’s when we found Regional Foundation Repair. They helped save us thousands! Great service, will recommend!"

Andrew Y.

"We’ve had water in our basement countless times since we moved in. This service sent a contractor who spent a few days installing a waterproofing system and bam - no issues since! Thank you so much!"

Eddie W.

"Finally a foundation company that responds, helps gets the job done, and offers a warranty for the work! Will use again, and recommending to friends and family."

Jessica B.

" Thanks, Regional Foundation Repair! They promptly connected us with an experienced foundation contractor who provided a transparent assessment. Their estimate was reasonable, and the professional crew kept us informed and maintained a clean work area. We appreciated the responsive communication and had a great experience from start to finish!"

Erica J.

"After a horrible experience on Yelp, I found this site and within minutes had quotes in hand. I scheduled my appointment and within 2 weeks the job was done below what I budgeted for. No more wet basement. Love it. Will recommend to friends and family."

Suja K.

"Love these guys. They are professional, punctual, and saved me $1,000's explaining exactly what my foundation problem was and what I needed. Other companies were trying to sell me on the bells and whistles pushing services I didn't really need. These guys were transparent and the pricing for the job came out about $500 less then the other quotes."

Dan T.